Cambridge Township Delays Vote on Mining Ordinances


Cambridge Twp., MI – The Cambridge Township Board of Trustees decided to push-back a possible vote on ordinances pertaining to mining operations.

The board cited additional comments and suggestions brought forward by citizens at the recent public hearing.

Board members want to see a revised draft ordinance from their consultant before they would feel comfortable taking a vote on the matter.

There is currently a company planning a sand and gravel mining operation at US-12 and Killarney Highway. They submitted an application for a permit under the current ordinances, but the Township placed a moratorium on mining operations in late 2022, so no digging could happen.

The moratorium is still in place, and the company that applied last year has taken Cambridge Township to court. They claim that they should fall under guidelines from the ordinances at the time they applied.

The township says that the current ordinances are outdated. Cambridge will put both ordinances on the August agenda.

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