Laura Rutkowski

Five Facts About Me:

I speak geek fluently. For example: I love video games, board games, comic books (Marvel & DC), Doctor Who, Sherlock (The BBC one), Star Trek, Star Wars and anime. I also love sports: Lions & Steelers (NFL), Tigers & Cubs (Baseball), Hockey (Detroit Red Wings), Wolverines, Pittsburgh Panthers and Penn State (College Football).

Weekend warrior. Professional wrestling has been a part of my life since 2000. Not just watching it, actually doing it. Been wrestling since 2011, was a manager and ring announcer before that. The husband also wrestles.

Not from Michigan. Born and raised in Williamsport, PA, the Home of Little League Baseball!

Music Lover. My love for music goes beyond AC and oldies. I love rock, pop, metal, some country and orchestral music! My spotify playlist would make people’s heads spin.

Music plays a huge roll in my life. I can play the violin, viola, piano, drums AND I can sing as well. I was even involved in Marching Band in High School in the Color guard, and not just waving flags around…we danced too.