EEO Employment



#1.  List of all jobs filled:  Two full time Marketing Consultants


#2.  List of recruitment sources used to fill each vacancy: As listed below.




Date filled 7/2019

  1.  Marketing Consultant
  2.  Marketing Consultant



Recruitment includes:

WLEN Radio spot schedule including Hispanic Show

Employee Referrals

Current full and part time employees

Women’s Community Group-ATHENA Lenawee

BNI (Business Network International, Local Chapter)

Siena Heights University

Adrian College


Applicants included:

20 applicants from all sources


Hired: 1.  BNI

  1. Employee referral



#3.  Description of supplemental outreach initiatives:


  1. Annual Scholarship for Broadcasting – President of Lenawee Broadcasting, Julie Koehn and Secretary Joyce Koehn developed the John W. Koehn Memorial Scholarship in 1992. This scholarship gives a one-time amount of $1,000.00 to a recipient each year.  It can be used for any post high school education, including community college, university or trade school.  It was developed in cooperation with the International Broadcasters Idea Bank and is funded by Lenawee Broadcasting Company.  Those that are eligible include any employee or child of an employee of an Idea Bank member station.  The recipient must be studying in a broadcast related field.  The scholarship is judged annually by a group of 6 broadcasters from the United States and Canada. To date we have awarded 25 scholarships totaling $26,000.00.  In 2019 the scholarship was awarded to a young man studying broadcasting from Nebraska


  1. Annually – Internship Program – WLEN Radio has had an on-going internship program for more than 30 years, and it exists year-round. We have interns from local high schools, the Lenawee Intermediate school district, Adrian College and Siena Height University.  These programs are both in programming and in marketing, promotions and sales.  We take interns year-round as the interests arise.  Our interns have gone on to careers in sales, morning show personalities in middle markets, and careers in politics.  Station personnel involved in our internship program include, Julie Koehn, President, Leslie DeCapo, Administration, Dale Gaertner, Program Director, Ashley Gonzalez, Sales and Digital Manager, Kathy Williams, Sales and Steve Barkway, Sports Director.  For the summer of 2019 we hosted an Adrian College Student in our programming department, she was then hired as a part time announcer.  We also hosted a young man from Adrian College in our sports department.   In addition, we hosted several middle school and high school students in a job shadowing program.



  1. Total number of interviewees during the period, and total number of interviewees referred by each recruitment source: As listed above.