Hometown Hope

Hometown Hope Grants are awarded monthly to community groups in the Lenawee County area. ​Community groups, civic organizations, non-profits, even school or church based groups receive a month-long advertising campaign with 103.9 WLEN. Hometown Hope Grants are made possible by a generous partnership with 103.9 WLEN, McDonalds of Adrian and Hudson, and Kapnick Insurance.

Applications for 2020: Application

2019 Hometown Hope Grant Recipients:

January – Habitat for Humanity of Lenawee (HFHLC)

HFHLC was established in 1989 by a group of people committed to reducing substandard housing through the building of affordable homes in Lenawee County.  In 2006 they opened the HFHLC Re-store to help fund their mission and reduce waste in building materials.  Habitat will use their grant to celebrate and publicize their 19th annual Pasty project fund raiser and recruit new volunteers to build on the project’s success as well as create excitement for their new breakfast pasty.  They will also use it to kick off and celebrate their 30th year in Lenawee County.

February – HOPE Community Center

In 1976, the HOPE Community Center formed as a Drop-In Center for adults with developmental disabilities who had a need for a place to gather, looking for companionship and a place to feel safe and accepted.  Attendance and programs grew over the years to what is the HOPE Community Center today.  HOPE serves over 120 active members with 50 to 80 members in daily attendance.  HOPE will use their grant to increase awareness of year round services, to promote fund raising efforts, and volunteer opportunities.

March – Sam Beauford Woodworking Institute 

The Sam Beauford Woodworking Institute is dedicated to promoting personal development through woodworking.  It provides classes for all ages as well as job training, workforce development and rehabilitation services for Lenawee County residents.  They work with other non profit organizations, including;  the Boys and Girls Club, Adult Transitional Services, HOPE Community Center, Goodwill and more.  They plan to use their grant to promote woodworking as a career destination with the promotion of stability in advanced woodworking manufacturing, construction and fine woodworking.

April – Housing Help of Lenawee  

Housing Help of Lenawee is a grass roots organization that was founded in 1990.  Their mission is to advance housing stability and affordable opportunities for low income people, especially those in crisis or at risk.  They plan to use their grant to get information out to the community about the struggles of people in housing crisis, and how Housing Help can ease their burden and help them out of homelessness.  They will also use the grant to recruit volunteers to help with their many community projects and to promote their annual fund raising event in May.

May – Region 2 Area Agency on Aging. 

Region 2 has been serving seniors and people with disabilities through the MI Choice Waiver program.  They work closely with the Lenawee Basic Needs Task Force.  They served over 2,000 residents with a variety of services.  They plan to use their grant to raise awareness of elder abuse and neglect in our community.  They want to engage people with their Safe Haven project that provides safe housing for elder and vulnerable adults who might be in an abusive or neglectful situation.

June – Neighbors of Hope

Neighbors of Hope has been serving the homeless and addicted male populations in Lenawee County since 2006.  They also serve the low income population through Fishes and Loaves Food Pantry, Third Day Farming and Blessings and More Retail Store.  They will be opening a women and children’s shelter in 2019.  They plan to use their grant to build awareness for their brand and promote that they are more than a homeless housing facility.  They work at the root causes of homelessness to end the cycle.  They work to transform lives.

July- HALO

HALO, formerly Adrian Andy’s Angels, began almost 6 years ago.  It is an organization founded by parents of a young man who overdosed.  It is a support group for parents and families of people abusing heroin and opioids.  They plan to use the grant to let people know where and how they can get the help they need and also to generate funds to get those addicted into rehab.  They also want to promote that there is hope for addiction, and that it is a family disease and facilitation can break the cycle of addiction.

August- Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls club of Lenawee opened in 2001 and is dedicated to ensuring that the community’s disadvantaged youth has greater access to quality programs and services that will enhance their lives and shape their futures.  They plan to use their grant to promote the great things happening at the club and to encourage more youth to take part and showcasing their back to school programming and services.  They will reach out to parents of teens to encourage them to allow their children to spend time at the club during special teen only events.  They will also raise awareness of the club being an alternative to kids being home alone.  The grant will also allow them to promote their Blue Jean Ball fundraising event in September.

September – 192 Ministries

192 Ministries began in June of 2012 by a husband and wife who saw a need to provide food relief.  Their food relief program provides weekend meals to students in the Lenawee County school system who are at risk for food shortages at home on weekends and holidays.  These backpack meals provide breakfast and lunch for Saturday and Sunday to these students each week.  They served over 490 students in the 2017-2018 school year.  They plan to use the grant to grow awareness for food insecurity in our county and gain exposure to the work they do to try to eliminate hunger for the people they serve.

October – The Daily Bread

The Daily Bread of Lenawee was founded in 2001 and it provides a soup kitchen and food pantry to feed the hungry and homeless in Lenawee County.  They serve lunch Tuesday through Saturday and have emergency food available on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  In 2018, they are on target to serve 36,000 meals through the hot lunch and emergency food pantry service.  They will also distribute more than 400 hygiene bags.  The plan to use their grant to promote their services and to recruit monetary donations and volunteers, as well as promote their October 2019 fund raiser.

November – Lenawee County Continuum of Care

The Lenawee County Continuum of Care was created to provide community wide commitment to ending homelessness.  The CoC develops long term strategic plans and year round efforts to identify and address the needs of at risk or homeless individuals and families.  Their efforts encompass 20 plus agencies dedicated to ending homelessness.  The will use their grant to promote and share Project Connect.  This initiative is an event to link individuals and families who are homeless or on the brink of homelessness with immediate resources, services and programs.

December-Hospice of Lenawee

Hospice of Lenawee provides compassionate, patent and family centered care to people of our community during and after the last season of life. Our hospice organization is staffed with a full interdisciplinary team and served 606 patients and families in 2017.  Hospice of Lenawee plan to use the grant to promote their grief and loss programs.  They want to especially educate people on the programs they provide for unexpected loss.  They want to have a conversation about the need to erase the stigma that comes with the unexpected loss for families dealing with suicide and over dose.