Adrian City Commission Discusses Disbanding Human Relations Commission


Adrian, MI – The Adrian City Commission discussed the fate of the Human Relations Commission during a recent contentious pre meeting study session.

The original point of the discussion was to talk about redefining what the purpose of the HRC should be. The conversation started with City Administrator Greg Elliott recommending a wording change to the proposed ordinance… adding the LGBTQ+ community…keeping the ordinance in line with current law.

The discussion turned from there…with Commissioner Kelly Castleberry saying that the City Commission should disband the HRC, and Commissioners Allen Heldt and Lad Strayer supporting her.

Mary Roberts and Gordon Gauss each said that they would need more time before they could make a decision. Mayor Angie Heath and Commissioner Doug Miller said nothing during that part of the pre meeting.

There have been numerous meetings between representatives from the HRC and City Commission aimed at re-writing the ordinances to give the HRC better direction. There were several statements made during public comment condemning the commissioners who supported disbanding the HRC.

There will be a first reading of an ordinance change on the agenda at the next regular meeting to eliminate the City of Adrian Human Relations Committee. To take effect, there would have to be a first reading, then second reading and adoption of the changes.

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