Siena Heights University to Offer Three New Certificate Programs

Adrian, MI – Siena Heights University will offer three new certificate programs that will help people understand and work with marginalized and disenfranchised peoples and contribute to meaningful change within society.

There are three different certificate options, and each certificate contains three courses for a total of nine credit hours. They are:

  • Ethnic and Gender Studies
  • Race and Ethnicity Studies
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies

“The certificates would showcase an officially recognized area of competency to candidates’ transcripts and resumes,” said Ethnic and Gender Studies Institute Director Julie Barst. “A certificate would distinguish them for graduate school or on the job market. Especially in the midst of current social movements for racial and gender justice, these certificates could prove very valuable. Candidates could discuss with potential employers or graduate schools why they chose to pursue the certificate, what they learned in the set of courses they completed, how this experience will benefit their graduate studies or careers, and ways that the knowledge and skills earned could be beneficial to the employer or educational institution by contributing to valuable conversations and actions related to diversity and inclusion.”

There will be options for completing the certificates fully online as well as on the main Adrian campus. These programs are open to not only Siena students, but also current or former students at other institutions, and “really anyone who is interested in this field,” Barst said.

The certificates can be integrated into a current SHU student’s major or minor, however, a maximum of two EGS-related certificates may be earned, and they must be in Race and Ethnicity Studies and Gender and Sexuality Studies.

The first courses will begin in January 2021. Cost for a non-degree seeking student is $535 per credit hour plus fees.

For more information about the Ethnic and Gender Studies Institute’s certificate programs, please contact Barst at

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*Media courtesy of Siena Heights University*