No School Friday For Hudson Area Schools As Police Continue to Investigate Threats

This is from the Hudson Area Schools Facebook page:

“As I announced earlier today Hudson Police are very confident that they have identified the person that has made threats to Hudson Area Schools. Regardless, Hudson Area Schools will be cancelling school tomorrow, Friday, November 8. There will also be no conferences tomorrow. The Veteran’s Day Assembly for Monday, November 11 will be rescheduled so that we can better prepare for the event. We understand that it has been a very challenging week for our students, parents, and many of our staff. We feel this additional day will give everyone an opportunity to prepare for the return to school. Our staff will also be making preparations for students to return. When we return, we will be offering everyone an opportunity to process through their feelings regarding the incidents of this week.

Police and Hudson Area Schools will be taking appropriate legal and disciplinary action. We believe the person that made the threat was a Hudson Area School student. This identified student is a young student that did not have the ability to act out on any of the threats that they had made. Hudson Police accessed resources from other branches of law enforcement; therefore, it still may take several days for them to complete their investigation. The student is suspended from Hudson Area Schools and is not permitted on school property or to any school event. Further disciplinary action will be taken by the Hudson Board of Education as soon as possible. We are committed to ensuring that all of our students and staff know that their health and safety are our priority.

Dr. Michael Osborne, Superintendent
Hudson Area Schools ”

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