Why Does Adrian’s Drinking Water Smell? Is it Safe?


Adrian, MI – City of Adrian water customers continue to express their displeasure with the taste and smell, and the City Administrator addressed the concerns at the Commission’s Monday study session.

Adrian City Commissioner Gordon Gauss brought the topic to the forefront, and City Administrator Greg Elliott issued an update. Weeks prior, he released a statement on the City water in his weekly Administrator Update…and the Utilities Director Will Sadler sent out a press release acknowledging the taste and odor with the water.

WLEN News published both of the statements online and on the air. Elliott spoke with WLEN News after the meeting, reiterating that the smell is coming from an organic compound in Lake Adrian…


Administrator Elliott is aware of the taste and odor issues, and said it will go away when the City uses a smaller percentage of Lake Adrian water…


Elliott said in the meeting that one of the four wells in the well-field is down for repairs. WLEN News asked if that being repaired will fix the problem…


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