Cambridge Twp. Board of Trustees Hold Public Hearing on Mining Ordinance


Onsted, MI – The Cambridge Township Board of Trustees held a Public Hearing for an ordinance pertaining to mining Wednesday.

Residents spoke for about 45 minutes at the hearing. They talked about many things, including noise concerns, increased traffic on US-12, geological impacts, and possible changes to the water table for surrounding lakes.

The group called Citizens Protect Irish Hills has been vocal opponents of a proposed gravel extraction operation on 12 and Killarney Highway. The company that submitted an application to mine last year has sued the Township…believing that they should be able to operate under the prior ordinance, when they applied for the permit.

The Township has placed a moratorium on mining until the end of August.

With the Public Hearing in the books, the ordinance can be voted on at the next regular meeting, which is scheduled for July 12th. A second ordinance, which has gone through the Planning Commission, may also see action on July 12th.

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