Adrian Public Schools Board Approves Allocation of Safety Grant Dollars


Adrian, MI – The Adrian Public Schools Board of Education approved spending Safety Grant dollars for the district to upgrade security across their buildings.

APS will be upgrading their camera capabilities to allow advanced weapons detection software to function effectively and add another layer of security district-wide.

The district will also utilize weapons detection technology, which, when installed through their current camera system. This will enable the District to identify someone carrying a weapon in the parking lot or other outside areas before attempting to enter a building.

This will allow APS to proactively alert staff and local law enforcement of a person with a weapon approaching a District building.

Superintendent Nate Parker told WLEN News that the district already has around 320 cameras installed, so they will only have to position a few more. The district was awarded around $366,000 in safety grant dollars.

Parker talked to WLEN News about the reasons for these upgrades to security…


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