School Bus Safety Bills Advance to Michigan House Floor

Adrian, MI – Michigan State Representative Bronna Kahle has voted in support of a plan to improve school bus safety for students in Michigan.

The bipartisan plan defines who is and isn’t allowed on a school bus while strengthening penalties for those who board buses without permission.

The proposals would:

  • Set a penalty for boarding a school bus without permission of the driver as a civil infraction. A civil infraction penalty for impeding the progress or operation of a school bus will also be established.
  • Allow a sticker to be affixed to the side of a bus stating that unauthorized individuals attempting to board are subject to a civil infraction and fine.
  • Allow stop-arm cameras to be installed on buses. Video or photography would be allowed as evidence for law enforcement prosecuting vehicles that illegally pass a school bus.

The House Bills were approved with overwhelming support by the House Judiciary Committee and now advance to the House floor.

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