Players And Managers Push Back On MLB Idea To Play 2020 Season In Arizona

Major League Baseball’s proposed idea to bring all 30 teams to Arizona to play in empty spring training stadiums was met with major skepticism from players and managers, some of whom can’t imagine agreeing to be separated from their families for the duration of the season.

The proposal would call for players and staff to be quarantined away from their families in hopes of keeping the league in a coronavirus-free bubble. Teams would go from hotels to buses to stadiums while undergoing regular testing in an attempt to prevent the disease from spreading. Sources said MLB and the players association are discussing a variety of possible solutions, with the league issuing a statement on Tuesday morning insisting it had not settled on a specific option or developed a detailed plan for the season.

Diamondbacks catcher Stephen Vogt said, “Obviously, I’m not a fan of the idea of being away from my family for four months. If anything, what I took away from this initial proposal is that it shows MLB’s dedication to just, hey, we’re trying to do whatever we can to get the longest season possible for the fans, the players and everyone who works in the industry of baseball.”

Sources: MLB, players eye May return in Arizona