Bomb Threat Forces Evacuation at Hudson Area Schools Tuesday Morning

Hudson Area Schools students were sent home this morning due to a bomb threat. Hudson Area Schools Superintendent Michael Osborne put this message out for parents on the district’s Facebook page earlier this morning:

“This is Dr. Michael Osborne, Superintendent of Hudson Area Schools. Due to the Bomb threat at Hudson Area Schools this morning students were evacuated from the buildings to safe locations. The buildings have been physically checked but we are also having bomb sniffing dogs go through the buildings. Therefore, school will be dismissed at 10 AM this morning. Students that drive will be released to drive home. K-6 students that ride the bus will need to have a parent present at home for the student to be released. Please be visible for the bus driver to see. If you are picking up your students K-6 are at CSI (550 E. Main ST.), 7-9 students are at Our Saviour Lutheran Church (751 N. Maple Grove), and 10-12 students are at Hudson Wesleyan (229 Hill St.). Call 517-448-8912 x227 for questions.”

Superintendent Osborne could not say if a student made the threat, but did say that the threat was made via email.

The investigation continues.

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