Dedications Scheduled for Fallen Lenawee County Law Enforcement Officers

Several Memorial Highway Sign Dedication Ceremonies will take place in Lenawee County next week.

Constable Richard Teske and Deputy Stanley Hosington will both be honored on Tuesday, July 23rd. Constable Teske was killed in an automobile accident in August of 1964 on Morey Highway near Plank Road while attempting to stop a speeding vehicle. Constable Teske’s dedication ceremony will be on Morey Highway north of Cadmus Road at 10:00 a.m.

Deputy Hoisington was killed when an aircraft stalled and crashed while looking for two car theft suspects along M-50 in October of 1936. Deputy Hoisington’s dedication ceremony will be held on Palmer Highway just north of Holloway Road immediately after Constable Teske’s dedication ceremony.

There will be two dedications on Thursday, July 25th as well.

Trooper Dugald Pellot was killed by gunfire while attempting to apprehend two subjects who had shot and wounded another trooper in September of 1957. Trooper Pellot’s dedication ceremony will be on N Adrian Highway north of M-52 at 10:00 a.m.

Trooper Byron Erickson died from injuries sustained in an automobile accident during the pursuit of a suspected stolen car in July of 1993. Trooper Erickson’s dedication ceremony will be held on Shepherd Road west of M-52 immediately following Trooper Pellot’s dedication ceremony.

The public is invited to attend. The roads will be closed to traffic during the dedication ceremonies.

*Information courtesy of the Lenawee County Road Commission*

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