Joe Johns


Five Facts About Me:

I’m the guy with the versatile name. I am Joe Johns, Joseph Ray Johns, John Joes, JoeJohnJones, the man with two first names, or you may recognize the nickname that has followed me since my years at Springbrook Middle School… Jo-Jo!

I was born and raised right here in Adrian and I’m a Class of ’99 graduate of Adrian High School. From there, I spent over ten years bouncing around the area’s auto factories, was married for several years, and have 2 awesome boys who have grown up way too fast.

I decided factory life wasn’t for me and it was time to pursue a career I really enjoyed, so I put myself through broadcasting school at Specs Howard School of Media Arts. It wasn’t easy to juggle school, work, and time with my kids, but I still excelled in all of my classes, took an amazing internship at a classic rock station in Detroit, and started as a part-time DJ here at WLEN shortly after my graduation from Specs in 2011.

Since then, I’ve gone from part-time DJ, to hosting the Sunday morning show, to WLEN Marketing Consultant, to my current (and most desired) position as WLEN’s Production Director and host of the afternoon show- weekdays from 1-5pm. I absolutely love my job and every single coworker. We may not all be related, but we’re definitely a family! I spend the majority time trying to make everything aired on WLEN sound as good as possible, but outside of the station, you can hang out with me and lots of talented people in the area at Lenawee’s Local Spotlight- open mic every Monday night from 8-11pm. Check out “Lenawee’s Local Spotlight” on facebook for more information.

Connect with me on facebook:  Jo-Jo on WLEN