Mike Reynolds has been hosting the Night Shift for several years on 103.9
WLEN and started working in radio back in 1979. He even did radio aboard
the USS Kitty Hawk while serving in the Navy.  He’s worked in both radio and television over the years, from Florida to Minnesota to California, before joining WLEN in the fall of 1998.

Catch Mike in the evenings Monday through Friday 6 to Midnight. Speaking
of Friday that’s HIS night to spin all the golden oldies he knows enough
about to be… well …kinda sort of Info-dangerous!  You’ll also hear Mike interviewing a 4H-er each Tuesday evening on the Award Winning 4H-er of the Week at 6:30pm.

Mike loves his dogs, listeners and of course, the San Diego Padres!

Mike’s hero is his mom… and his favorite food group is Chocolate!

Here’s an interesting fact about Mike…he was born in Tokyo, Japan! So
with his body clock still set in that time zone, it’s like he was made for the Night Shift!