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Hometown Hope Recipients for 2015~

January - Adrian Rea Literacy Center
The Adrian Rea Literacy Center was established in 2007 by the Adrian Dominican Sisters.  The purpose of the center is to provide a free quality literacy program for adults 18 and older who are reading below a fourth grade literacy level.  They will use the grant to bring awareness to the educational services they provide and to publicize the return to their former home after a January 2014 flood caused severe damage to it.  They will also recruit new tutors to their program. 

February - Lenawee College Access Network
The Lenawee College Access Network is a network of volunteers from business, government, human service, education and youth whose goal is to increase post-secondary applications and completions so that 60 percent of Lenawee adults will have certification, credentialing or a degree.  The current county level is 30 percent.  They will use the grant to continue outreach and sharing of how LCAN is supporting students and families.  Publicize what and where support is available for post-secondary options and how to pay for it. 

March - Adrian Public Library
In just three years (2018), the Adrian Public Library will celebrate 150 years.  The library supported over 114,000 visits last year and circulated 70,000 items to patrons.  They will use the HTH marketing grant to increase awareness of services and recognition as a community asset.  They will build on the concept that the library is more than just books but also a place to grow your mind and to publicize the many digital resources available to library card holders. 

April - Housing Help of Lenawee
Housing Help of Lenawee’s mission is to advance housing stability and affordable opportunities for low-income people, especially those in crisis or at risk.  Housing Help of Lenawee will use the grant to publicize available help for those in housing crisis; to publicize the need for volunteers, and to publicize their May fund raising event. 

May - Habitat for Humanity of Lenawee
Habitat for Humanity was established by an ecumenical group of people who came together to build homes with the interest to reduce sub-standard housing in Lenawee County.  They have enable 59 low-income families to become homeowners.  They will use the grant to publicize their women build projects as well as the ability that empowerment has over not just one home but of revitalization of neighborhoods in Lenawee County.

June - Care Pregnancy Center of Lenawee
Care Pregnancy Center offers an array of services to families.  They offer parenting classes, budget classes, male mentoring and fatherhood initiative programs and supervised visits in partnership with Friend of the Court as well as material needs including diapers, formula and clothing.  They will use the grand to educate individuals on the services they provide.  They will also market the need for supporters and donors and will promote their fund raising events.  They will use the coverage to reach out to potential clients who may be in need of their services. 

July - The Daily Bread of Lenawee
The Daily Bread, founded in 2001, provides a soup kitchen and food pantry to the hungry and homeless in Lenawee County.  They serve meals Tuesday through Saturday and the food pantry is available Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for those in need.  The Daily Bread will use the HTH grant to publicize the need for support; be it volunteers or donors and to make the public aware of who they serve, from the homeless to the elderly to low income residents and those who find themselves in immediate need from illness or unemployment. 

August - The Boys and Girls Club of Lenawee
The Boys and Girls Club of Lenawee opened in 2001 to ensure that our community’s disadvantaged youth would have greater access to quality programs and services that will enhance their lives and shape their futures.  The “Club” is open Monday through Friday between 3 and 8pm, the hours when most children are under or unsupervised.  They serve over 1,000 boys and girls.  They will use the grant to raise awareness of club services to youth and to publicize the need for volunteers and donors. 

September - Daybreak Adult Day Services
Daybreak Adult Day Services began 14 years ago as visionaries in Lenawee’s older adult community found a need for a safe place for older adults who could not be left at home along.   Daybreak is under the umbrella of Lenawee Department of Aging and is located at the Piotter Center, along with the Adrian Senior Center.  They will use the HTH grant to focus awareness on all the services they provide to the adult community and to the many services they also provide to the care givers of older adults.  They will be publicizing a new program in cooperation with the Lenawee County Sheriff Department called Care Trak, which helps to track older adults who wander.  They also plan to use the grant to broaden their volunteer and donor base. 

October - Lenawee Anti-Bullying Task Force
The purpose of the Lenawee Anti-Bullying Task Force is to provide awareness and listen to students, educators, and community members with concerns regarding the issue of bullying and anti-aggressive behavior and to provide community-wide training to address those concerns.  They will use the HTH grant to provide education.  The grant will give them the opportunity to provide messages, tools and tips, based on evidence provided by experts to schools and communities. 

November - Lenawee Homeless Education/Pajama Rama
Pajama Rama began in 2010 as a fund raising arm of Homeless Education to fill the gaps in services to children.  The Homeless Education program  provides services to unattended youth, to keep them in school, as that is often the most normal part of their life.  The HTH grant will be used to educate the people of Lenawee County about the large and often invisible plight of homeless students and their needs.  Pajama Rama is the largest fund raiser for the Lenawee County Homeless Education program and the grant will help to publicize Pajama Rama.

December - Lenawee County Victims Services Unit
Lenawee County Victims Services Unit was stared in 2008 when the Lenawee County Sheriff’s departmet was approached to provide crisis services to the community.  The group has 23 volunteers and one coordinator and they are available to help in many crisis; including but not limited to:  sudden death, defusing and debriefing critical incidents and they have volunteers on call at all times.  They will use the grant to publicize what services they offer and that anyone can request the services, not just emergency personnel. 

2014 Recipients~

January – YMCA of Lenawee County

The YMCA of Lenawee County has been serving the community for over 120 years.  They have a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living and fostering a sense of responsibility.  The YMCA of Lenawee County has a fitness center, indoor swimming pool with youth and adult aquatics programs, free land and water exercise programs and state licensed childcare.  The will use their Hometown Hope grant to promote their family friendly programs and new membership.  Their goal is to increase awareness for the Y, and spread their message to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives and their communities.   

February – Lenawee United Way 211
In February of 2009, Lenawee United Way launched 211 services.  211 provides callers with information and referrals on how to obtain assistance from local and national social service programs, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.  211 offers information on a broad range of services, including rent assistance, food banks, affordable housing, health resources, utility assistance, child care, after school programs, elder care, financial literacy and job training programs.  The Lenawee United Way will use this program to increase awareness of 211 and how it connects people with services and volunteer opportunities.   

March – Damascus Road
Damascus Road has been helping the homeless and those dealing with incarceration for over 8 years.  They help those in need with clothes, furniture, food, housing, jobs and Christian guidance.  They serve hundreds of people each year, including approximately 20 people daily in their warming shelter.  They will use their Hometown Hope grant to increase awareness of volunteer opportunities, up-coming fund raising events and to inform the community exactly what it is they do and how great the community need for their services is.   

April – Hospice of Lenawee

Hospice of Lenawee provides compassionate, patent and family centered care to people of our community during and after the last season of life. In 2012 Hospice of Lenawee opened the Hospice Home; a facility offering residential care. It was a $5 million dollar project much needed by the community. Hospice will use the grant to educate the community on what Hospice means and to address misconceptions about Hospice. They also hope to promote their bereavement services available to anyone in the community.

May – Lenawee Great Start

The Lenawee Great Start Parent Coalition is a subgroup of the Great Start Collaborative.  Together they are working to connect local early childhood resources, programs and support services into an easily accessible comprehensive system that will boost children’s development so they can start school ready to succeed.  They currently operate in 9 of the 11 school districts in Lenawee County and three community pre-school programs.  They will use their grant to promote three events; A day in the life of a Kindergartner workshop, which lets parents know what their future kindergartner needs and what is expected of future students; their annual diaper drive, collecting over 8,000 diapers for Lenawee County families and StarPower at the state capital, bringing together families and community members to support the efforts of Great Start.  

June – The Daily Bread
The Daily Bread has been providing meals to the hungry and homeless in Lenawee County since 2001.  The homeless, elderly, needy, low income individuals, veterans, and unemployed are all welcome with the same openness and respect.  In 2013 they provided over 18,000 hot meals which they serve 5 days a week and nearly 20,000 pantry meals which are available 3 days a week to those in need in our community.  They plan to use their grant to increase awareness of hunger and of the need for food assistance in Lenawee County. 

July- Lenawee County Foster and Adoptive Parent Association
In 1970, The Lenawee County Foster and Adoptive Parent Association was established by a group of local foster parents.  Their mission;  We are committed to the retention and empowerment of families to successfully parent all children placed in their care by providing training, advocacy, legislation and support groups.  They will use their Hometown Hope grant to inform the community of their local support group for foster and adoptive families, and to provide information to new families interested in becoming licensed foster or adoptive parents. 

August - Alzheimer’s Association, Michigan Great Lakes Chapter                                  The Alzheimer’s Association, Michigan Great Lakes Chapter services those who reside in a 23 county region in Michigan, including Lenawee County.  There are 180,000 people living with Alzheimer’s disease in Michigan with 2000 of those in Lenawee County.  The chapter offers community programs and services designed to meet the needs of those with Alzheimer’s, family members, care partners, care givers and the public at large.  They plan to use their grant to increase awareness of the disease, and services that those dealing with the Alzheimer’s can access.  They will also promote educational programs and their Walk to End Alzheimer’s, scheduled for September of 2014.   

September – Tecumseh Lions Club
The Tecumseh Lions Club was chartered on January 8th, 2011 and they have been busy.  They have been involved in many activities including; planting over 200 treas in the area, collecting school supplies for children, distributing Easter food baskets, purchasing equipment for the districts Kids Sight program, providing an application process for low income folks to get eye exams, and much more.  They plan to use their grant to build membership in their club and to increase awareness of what they do in the community.  The will also be publicizing how they can help citizens with the services they provide.  

October – Family Counseling and Children’s Services
FCCS overseas many programs in the community, including individual, marital, family and group counseling, the Catherine Cobb Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Program, the Domestic Violence Alternative Program, Parent Education Program, and a state-licensed Foster Care and Adoption Program. Counseling services are provided to nearly 100 families and individuals each week. The domestic violence program has served over 500 families in 2013. 88 foster children were placed, and 29 children found permanency and love in adoption. With the Hometown Hope Grant FCCS hopes to increase awareness of their services, build a larger network of foster care homes, and inspire work on domestic violence by garnering people and resources to help make positive changes. FCCS has been in operation in Lenawee County since 1961.

November – Hudson Foundation

The Hudson Foundation has been serving the Hudson community since 2010.  Their sole purpose is to assist Hudson in helping itself.  Residents can give to community based projects through the foundation…some of those projects include; the City recreation program, hat and mitten drive for youth, the Kiwanis Christmas food basket program, Christmas adopt a family program, the Hudson Education Foundations scholarship and mini grant program and the Hudson Library.  The foundation does not charge any administrative fees, all funds collected go directly to programs.  The foundation will use their grant to increase awareness of the foundation and the ways people can donate.  Also to increase awareness of the programs it’s serves.   

December – The Salvation Army of Lenawee                                                           The Salvation Army came to Lenawee County in 1896.  In 1929, they moved into their present location on Church Street in Adrian.  Every year, among other services, the Salvation Army provides over 20,000 meals and grocery orders to people who are food insecure.  They also meet the demand for other assistance, such as shelter, clothing and children’s camps.  Many people know the Salvation Army for their canteen services in times of emergency, but they are much more.  In the last 12 month period, they served 6,868 individuals and families.  Their concept is to provide a hand up, rather than a hand out, with the ultimate goal self sufficiency.  The plan to use their grant to inform the public about all the services they provide.