Dale Gaertner has been with WLEN since interning while a college student back in 1972.  After graduating from Siena Heights College he was hired in full time to work for Lenawee Broadcasting Company’s Monroe station, before coming back to the airwaves of 103.9 WLEN.  Dale is the Programming and Music Director for the station and is all things local, connecting our listeners with groups and organizations in the community.

You’ll hear him on his show each weekday, but you can also catch him week nights at 6:15 interviewing people on Community Conversation, and on Partyline Now, our local talk show held each Saturday from 8:30am until Noon.

Some of Dale’s favorites include the music of the Supremes, Beatles, Beach Boys, anything from the 60's, Josh Groban, Maroon 5 and Chris Daughtry; Science Fiction and Comedy movies; British Sitcoms on PBS; Survivor; and Pineapple Pizza!